Meditation & Journaling Classes with Paula Perelman

We are all searching for answers to the circumstances in our life. The who’s, what’s, when’s, where’s, why’s and how’s of life… We are “waking up” to our Truth inside of us. Inside of you… that’s where the answers to your questions reside. We each have a unique path in life and we must follow our hearts and inner knowing to live and manifest our BEST LIFE EVER. That amazing life that flows in perfect harmony and balance with every breath we take.

Hi, I am Paula Perelman, and this is my story.

For the last 10 years I have been actively practicing “Higher Awareness”  as an Educator, Intuitive Guide, Consultant and Meditation Coach. I have taught and assisted many individuals, young and old, and from many walks of life to develop their intuitive abilities and uncover their own “tuning-in” process.

Since childhood I sensed and knew that there was more going on around us than what we could see with just our eyes alone. This created many questions for me about the way people lived their lives and the limitations that we all put upon ourselves.  Some imposed by our own thoughts and fears, but mostly what we allowed to be imposed upon us by the judgments and fears of others.

My “jump-start” came in the early 1990s. Numerous life experiences compelled me to move out of my regular comfort zones, and I began to seek answers to many life questions. I started reading books written by other “Truth seekers” which validated my own search for Truth and connected me to those growing in the same direction.

Today my passion and commitment to this unique life path helps others find their own channel of “Higher” Truth and Knowing, supporting them to live their BEST LIFE EVER.

“Channeling is the art of ‘tuning in’, interpreting and articulating our inner senses.”

How does channeling work?

Quiet our mind and find our own intuitive conduit or channel

Recognize, identify and interpret the information we are receiving

Utilize as an everyday tool in our choices and navigating our life course

“After just a few classes with Paula I quickly became a believer in my own abundance and developed an awareness of the true nature of life. Paula helped me tap into my BEST SELF, which is an invaluable thing to discover!” – Jenny


Courses in Meditation / Channeling / Journaling

Extend your awareness beyond your physical senses by awakening your intuitive strengths…

Intuition is a “language” we all have available within us to consciously “tap-in” to. As we learn to channel our intuition we begin to uncover, realize, and reveal our unique inherent wisdom within us. Our intuition lovingly guides us to new broader perspectives, deeper understandings, and available potentials.

Developing your intuitive and insight abilities is an on-going learning process that goes beyond our linear world of “intellectualizing”. Intuition must be experienced in order to fully understand and trust what is coming forward for your consideration.

Beginner Course

What you will learn in this course:

  • Learn about and experience the meditation process.
  • Learn about your intuition and experience how it works.
  • Learn about channeling and experience what it means to “channel”.
  • Learn how to journal your channeled messages.

Intermediate Course

This is an extension of the Beginner Course. What you will learn:

  • Further develop your meditation practice and find new ways to “tune-in” to your intuitive channel.
  • Learn to develop a deeper understanding of “how” Spirit is directly communicating and guiding you in the interpretation of channeled information.
  • Learn to recognize new tools that are available to assist you in your unique “tuning-in” process and “language” development.
  • Learn to integrate a “Higher” level of awareness in your day-to-day living.

Weekly Groups

Provides an on-going forum to strengthen your meditative and intuitive skills by working and sharing with like-minded others.

Awareness Meditation for Kids & Young Adults (Ages 8 – 17)

Co-taught with Molly Marshall, a highschool art teacher and yoga instructor, your kids will learn to:

  • Explore and develop intuition through meditation, open group sharing, journaling, and artwork.
  • Create deeper awareness which leads to healthier choices, better understanding of their own unique gifts, expanded levels of creativity, deeper sensitivity and focus, and broadened life perspectives.
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Beginner Channeling Classes ($125 per four week session):
Runs once-a-week for two hours; four consecutive weeks
Thursday October 3  7-9PM

Intermediate Channeling Classes ($125 per four week session):
Runs once-a-week for two hours; four consecutive weeks
Wednesday October 2   7-9PM

Weekly Channeling Groups* ($65 per month):
Runs once-a-week for two hours weekly
Mondays  7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
*Beginner and Intermediate Course completion required.

Kids & Young Adults Awareness Meditation Classes ($125 per 3 day session):

Session beginning TBA (Ages 14 – 17)
Session beginning TBA (Ages 8 – 13)

Seating is limited. Please use the form at bottom of page to reserve your seat today!



“Paula is an amazing intuitive teacher and guide in my life. Her groups and sessions have taught me invaluable tools and skills that I use daily. Her gentle guidance and clear messages have helped me tap into and believe in my own inner strength and guidance. She has taught me to confidently trust my intuition and the messages I receive. She is truly an angel and I am so lucky her light has touched my life! With much love and gratitude for all you have taught and shared with me.” -Gina
“There is no question that working with and meditating with Paula Perelman has accelerated my spiritual development. She has opened the eyes of the blind, and now I will see more clearly due to her diligence, patience, insight, and love. Her skills are vastly underrated (by herself mostly) and are only limited to the self-doubt she sometimes possesses. Paula is an amazing light in a dark forest for so many people, and she is truly a child of God the way she shepherds her students to the power of the mind and Spirit.” -Joe
“Paula has taught me to trust in my intuition… To listen for and to see the signs that guide me… Working with her and her amazing group of students, a personal metaphysical cheerleading squad has given me the faith and the impetus to make changes in my life that are truly guided by my Masters, Guides and Angels.” – Marianne



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Welcome to your Highest way of living your life… a new level of action… CHANNELING YOUR HEAVEN.

As we move forward in our evolution, expansion and growth as individuals we are continuously awakened to our unique purpose as Divine Beings.

Uncover and explore your life direction. This is now the opportunity to fully TRUST AND HONOR your power to make the connection to your unique Channel.

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