6 Top Ways to Know You’re Being Divinely Guided

Have you wondered why you notice certain occurrences more than others?  Why you wake up at the same time every night, or why you always have the same change in your pocket?  Without a doubt, you are being divinely guided.

We are all being guided one way or another.  There are many different ways we receive signs and messages, to be reminded of this divine guidance.  Here are the top six most common:

1. Digital Clocks –  Numbers are one of the easiest way to be reminded that you are on the right track. Different sequences contain different meanings. For example, numbers in order going up means the timing is right, 12:34 PM.  If the numbers are all the same, say 11:11 PM, this could be a simple reminder that your thoughts or ideas are in alignment with your actions. You are making the right choice.

2. License Plates – Alongside number sequences, words and names can serve as great signs to affirm your thoughts. Coming home from a long hard day of work and you stop at a light behind a plate like “GROTH1”, “TME4FUN” or see your birthday numbers “523”. This is your confirmation to keep working hard because good things are just around the corner!

3. Songs – The perfect song always seems to come on at the right time. Everyone can relate to this phenomenon and by all means, it is sweet! When you are thinking of that special someone or loved one, and “your song” comes on, you know that your thoughts are meant to be!  Songs can also help to encourage or inspire you when times are tough. Crank the tunes and feel the rhythm!

4. Coins – Everyone can relate to finding pennies or loose change. It is easy to feel special when you find a quarter or a $1 dollar bill sitting on the sidewalk. Or, isn’t it strange when you pick up a $20 dollar bill lying on the ground in a big crowd and wonder why you were the only one that saw it? This is your healthy reminder that abundance is infinite.

5. Trucks & Billboards – Trucks, buses, billboards, you name it. These big banners can have the “perfect” message or words at that “perfect” time. Driving along when a big truck pulls up next to you that says “Keep Smiling” can easily change your day. Let these phrases and words confirm your internal thoughts and questions!

6. Synchronistic Events –  Sometimes divine timing seems magical.  The key is to not overlook its significance. When you go on vacation to the other side of the world and run into your old classmate at a local store, is this not fate? This is most commonly seen with the telephone. When you think about someone, go to pick up your phone, and before you can dial they are already calling you, or better yet they are already on the line telling you the phone never even rang. That is synchronicity at its finest!

How are you divinely guided each day?  Feel free to share your own amazing stories and tips below!

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